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Marketing and Sales Audits


Reviewing the current communication effectiveness and sales process helps to quickly identify what is working successfully and where a program is falling short. CleverShove's audits follow a comprehensive process but are not overly time-consuming. The key is quickly narrowing down the areas of best opportunity for your business.

Branding and Positioning Strategies

Developing the appropriate position for your company, products, and services is essential to standing out from your competition. It also assures you are focused on what you do best and what relevant value you have to offer your customers. CleverShove can help on many fronts, from naming and messaging to product and service development and expansion.

Creative Development


CleverShove has built a wide network of very talented and seasoned professionals available to produce any and all marketing materials that may be needed for your company. From writing and design to programming and development of sales and marketing materials including: logos, collateral, direct mail, email, website, social sites, advertising, presentations, audio/video, and other assets.

Research and Intelligence Gathering


CleverShove offers a complete set of research tools and intelligence-gathering techniques to ensure that all crucial inputs are considered before developing an action plan. Specific services include primary research, such as surveys, focus groups, and interviews, as well as secondary research, such as online searches, to shape the industry, audience, and competitive landscape. 

Customer Profiling


So often, companies invest marketing dollars without clearly understanding their best customers and how to find more like them. CleverShove offers a customer-profiling product. If you have sales data on your customers, we can easily mine this information to identify your best customers, what they are like, where we can find more just like them, and how to best reach and connect with them.

Marketing and Sales Planning


CleverShove provides a unique blend of sales and marketing planning. We don't look at sales and marketing as two separate functions. Marketing works to drive sales when you utilize our action plan. We focus where there is the greatest potential for improving efforts while considering the resources (budget and people) available to execute a program. The outcome is a highly focused and goal-oriented plan of action with innovative ideas and proven strategies that can be promptly and easily implemented.

Execution and Measurement

Some companies require help with executing the marketing and sales plans. For these companies CleverShove is happy to tap our team of marketing professionals to provide a full range of ongoing sales and marketing support including recruitment, media buying, printing and production, web and search marketing, public relations, analytics, and more.

Sales Training

For companies that require ongoing selling to develop new business and retain and grow existing business, CleverShove offers a variety of sales tools and training techniques for entry-level and experienced sales professionals. Group and one-to-one training programs are available based on a company's needs.

Social Media Marketing


Social media offers a very effective way to reach and engage your specific audiences. If you want to use social media to help with your marketing but aren't sure how to begin, CleverShove offers a get-starter program. The social media program includes setting up social sites, growing followers, developing and distributing engaging content, and cost-effectively using social media for advertising and PR.

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