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2021 Super Bowl Commercials – I am Pretty Sure We Have a Clear Winner

There is always lots of hype about the Super Bowl ads each year. I even saw Amy Schumer on a talk show talking about her commercial for Hellman’s mayonnaise. (So now celebrities are doing press tours in anticipation of their TV commercials in the Super Bowl?) That’s how anticipated they have become!

Let it be known, I do not watch any commercials in advance of the game. I like to catch them in the moment just like everyone else. So, my take on the night is purely from a first impression only. I will admit I did go back and re-watch one spot and that is because it came late in the game and I was losing interest… as we all witnessed Brady do what Brady does…

The first laugh of the night came with the M&M spot. I thought it was something new and fresh for the candy maker and I love the idea of apologizing for all your wrongdoings with a bag of M&Ms. I think the world would be a better place if we did just that.

Every year a new genre of products or services seems to debut at the Super Bowl. This year I was surprised to see several streaming services making a big pitch. Have to give credit to Paramount + for their highly produced spots chuck full of celebrities. Snarky Snooki made me laugh out loud as she made her way up the mountain.

I expected more poking fun at 2020 and the pandemic but wasn’t sure if it was too soon to laugh at such a disastrous event. Bud Seltzer did a perfect job making lemons out of lemonade. Although the pelting lemons seemed a bit violent, the crying bride pretty much said it all. A+ for product placement.

Heartfelt has to go to the Toyota spot with paralympic swimmer. Beautifully produced and gave us a little hope and strength. But not sure how that had anything to do with buying a Toyota vehicle?

Best use of a celebrity goes to (drumroll please)…..Tide spot with Jason Alexander hoodie. Laugh out loud funny with the different facial expressions on the hoodie and then just a snippet of the real Jason Alexander. (All you ever need.) Second place goes to Flat Matt in the 3D Doritos commercial. I didn’t even know it was Mathew McConaughey until they said his name. Could have just used a regular Joe and would have been just as funny. Honorable mention goes to Scotts who I thought was going to play it straight. I appreciate the humor, even chuckled, a little.

Uber Eats and DoorDash cancel each other out as they went with the exact same message. If you really want to support local restaurants, order from them directly and pick it up yourself.

Every warm-blooded female in America (and some males I bet) swooned over the Amazon Alexa Michael B Jordan spot. It was sexy and funny. Especially the jealous husband – he made the commercial work.

The winner of the night has to go to Rocket Mortgage. They produced two unique commercials. The first one was funnier than the second but Tracy Morgan was his hilarious self and convinced us as only he can that better be certain and not pretty sure.

As far as the hyped-up Amy Schumer spot, I am pretty sure I missed it. Perhaps I was in the kitchen making a sandwich?

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